Rapid test for Lyme disease caused by tick bite

Going out for a picnic and worrying about tick bites is no longer an issue!

Self test for detection of Borrelia infection in the blood, caused by tick bite. With the help of the LYME RAPID TEST</ span>, it is possible to detect specific antibodies (IgM) in case of infection with Borrelia bacterium at 2- 6 weeks after the tick bite.

  • The box contains 1 cassette test
  • Accuracy : 90%
  • Find out in 10 minutes
  • At any time of the day
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Risk factors and fast solutions

Left untreated, the infection can affect the joints, the heart and the nervous system. Typical symptoms and signs </ strong> include fever, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic rash called migratory erythema. Most cases of Lyme disease can be successfully treated with antibiotics.

Rapid Test for Lyme Disease from BARZA Alert is of real use in diagnosing Lyme disease when used properly. As with other infections, Lyme disease tests measure antibodies produced by the blood cells in response to the infection.

It takes several weeks after the infection to make the body produce enough antibodies that can be detected.

How to use?

Easy to use, result in 10 minutes, safety in your own home.

Push the lancet with the side from which the lid was removed, against the tip of a finger.

Put the blood collected with the pipette into the test box opening.

How to interpret the result?

test lyme borrelia read the results after 10 minutes

test lyme borrelia results

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