3 Barza ovulation tests

The Barza ovulation test is a quick test, that detects the presence of the luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine, to determine what is the best period for you to become pregnant.

  • 3 tests + 1 gift pregnancy test
  • Accuracy >99%
  • You get the result in a few minutes
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How to use?

The Barza ovulation test is dedicated to women that wish to have a child and want to determine exactly their most fertile period. It is a quick test that detects the presence of the luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine, to determine what is the most favourable period for conception.

The Barza ovulation test is especially useful in the case of irregular menstrual cycles. In such cases, to establish when to begin the test use the shortest cycle in the last three months to calculate.

Positive result? In the next 48 hours after getting the result, the chances to conceive are highest. Even so, the sperm can stay viable in the female reproductive tract for 3-5 days, so a pregnancy is possible too after sexual contact that occurred a few days before the ovulation.

Collect the urine in a clean and dry container. Remove the test from the envelope and discard the desiccant.

Place the test in urine with the tip of the arrow down to the line marked MAX for 3 seconds.

Place the test on a flat surface and wait for 5 minutes to display the result.

The result read after 5 minutes will not be considered correct.

How to read the result?


One single red line appears in the control zone (C), or a line also appears in the test zone (T), but lighter in colour. Take a test again the next day at the same time.


You are during the ovulating period. The next 48 hours are the most fertile. Two red lines with the same intensity appear, or the testing line (T) appears darker. The chances of getting pregnant within the next 48 hours are high.


If no line appears during the following 5 minutes in the control zone (C), or a line only in the test zone (T). Repeat the test with a new ovulation test.

Claculator OvulatieOvulation Calculator

Using Barza's ovulation calculator, it's easy to find out which is the best time for conceiving.

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