Barza Mission

Since 1995, when it brought the first pregnancy test to Romania, Barza has aimed to make a significant change in women's lives by helping them get quick and easy answers in the privacy of their own home in preparation for the next important stage in their lives.

Throughout its almost 30 years of existence, Barza has been committed to bringing innovative, high quality products that are accredited by European certification bodies and, at the same time, convenient and accessible to all women in Romania.

But beyond our wide range of products, we are on a mission to provide accurate and relevant information, tools to help women and couples make decisions about their fertility and health.

Barza History

  • Octombrie 1995Romania's first pregnancy test launched - Barza Pregnancy Test

    It was the first pregnancy test ever marketed in the country, beginning as a small family project filled with big dreams. Inspired by the well-known myth of the bird that brings babies to couples, the Stork was created with the idea of bringing more than a pregnancy test - it aspired to bring about a significant change for women. For the first time in Romania, women could get reliable results at home, in privacy.
  • Noiembrie 2008The Stork Ovulation Test is launched

    The introduction of the Barza Ovulation Test in 2008 in Romania marked a significant step forward in supporting couples who wanted to conceive. The product, revolutionary at the time, gave women the ability to track and predict ovulation by detecting luteinizing hormone (LH) in their urine. This hormone, which peaks before ovulation, indicates the optimal time for conception. By its quick and easy-to-use nature, the Barza test has become an essential tool for family planning, easing the path to motherhood and eliminating fertility uncertainty.
  • Iulie 2010Stork receives the status of Recommended Product by the Romanian Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

    Thanks to its commitment to innovation and quality, Barza was awarded the prestigious status of "Recommended Product" by the Romanian Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (SOG) in 2010. This status reflects expert recognition of the usefulness and effectiveness of its products, including the Barza Ovulation Test. The award is a sign of confidence and confirmation of the company's excellent standards. By offering affordable, high-quality solutions for women's reproductive health, Barza has become a trusted partner in the maternity journey, strengthening its reputation in the medical field.
  • Octombrie 2014The Ultrasensitive Barza Pregnancy Test is launched

    In 2014, Barza launched the Barza Ultrasensitive Pregnancy Test, marking a new stage in the evolution of reproductive health products in Romania. This rapid test, designed to detect the presence of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in urine, has revolutionised the way women can confirm a pregnancy from the very first days. Unique in that it can be used up to 5 days before the estimated date of your next period, and at any time of the day, the Barza pregnancy test has become a reliable ally in confirming a pregnancy.
  • Decembrie 2015Menopause test Stork

    In 2015, Barza introduced an innovative new product to the market: the Barza Menopause Test. This rapid, qualitative test is designed to detect the level of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in urine, giving women the opportunity to assess ovarian function and understand whether they are in perimenopause or menopause. The launch of this test is an important step forward in improving the understanding and management of women's health in Romania. The Barza Menopause Test encouraged open dialogue about menopause and provided a reliable solution for identifying this vital stage.
  • Mai 2017Barza fertility tests are launched

    In 2017, Barza launched a revolutionary product: the fertility test for couples. This was a significant development, giving couples the opportunity to assess both female fertility, by testing ovarian function, and male fertility, by determining sperm count quality. The Barza Fertility Test has brought an integrated approach to family planning, helping couples better understand their fertility status and giving them control over their reproductive decisions. This innovation marked a milestone in supporting reproductive health and was an important step in strengthening Barza's reputation.
  • Septembrie 2017Barza Menstrual Pain Pads and Barza Baking Soda Intimate Wipes are introduced on the market

    In 2017, Barza launched two products on the market that brought comfort and relief to women: menstrual pain patches and baking soda intimate wipes. Barza patches, with their innovative technology, have brought relief from menstrual pain, easing its management and improving women's quality of life. On the other hand, the baking soda wipes provided a superior level of hygiene and comfort, helping to maintain the intimate pH balance. These products have demonstrated Barza's commitment to meeting the complex needs of women, reinforcing trust in the brand and its reputation in women's health care.
  • Iulie 2018Barza AmnioTest is launched

    In 2018, Barza launched a revolutionary product - Barza Amniotest. This abortive in vitro diagnostic test is an important innovation, allowing women to detect possible leaking amniotic fluid in the comfort of their own home. Easy to use and with quick results, this test has made it easier to monitor health during pregnancy, providing an extra level of reassurance and peace of mind. The launch of Barza Amniotest reflects the company's continued commitment to innovation and support for women at all stages of their reproductive lives, bringing women's health to the forefront and building trust in the brand.
  • August 2018Stork Pregnancy Test By Weeks is launched

    In 2018, Barza introduced another innovative product on the Romanian market - the Barza Weekly Pregnancy Test. This rapid test detects the presence of the hormone hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in the urine and provides not only confirmation of pregnancy but also an estimate of the number of weeks since conception. As it is intended for home use, the test is easy to use and provides quick results, enabling women to accurately manage and plan the stages of pregnancy. With this innovation, Barza has strengthened its reputation as a leader in reproductive health.
  • Septembrie 2022The Barza Blood Pregnancy Test is launched

    In 2022, Barza launched another innovative product on the Romanian market - the Barza Blood Pregnancy Test. This test detects elevated levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in a drop of peripheral blood with a simple and safe collection. A small prick in the finger is enough to confirm/confirm a pregnancy in just five minutes. This type of test is widely used in laboratories and hospitals.

Barza products

With an extensive product portfolio, Barza has evolved over the years to cover a wider range of reproductive and female health needs. Currently, Barza offers classic pregnancy tests, ultrasensitive pregnancy tests, pregnancy tests with week determination, blood pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, couple fertility tests, menopause tests, amniotest to determine amniotic fluid leakage, menstrual pain patches and baking soda intimate wipes.

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