Daily Emotions Calendar

The BARZA app helps you recognise and understand the hormonal changes that occur during a menstrual cycle:

◉ gives you details of the states you may be going through physically and emotionally and helps you with personalised advice;

◉ contains a detailed calendar with which you can monitor the progress of a menstrual cycle;

◉ gives you the ability to set the duration of your period and indicates possible changes your body goes through throughout your menstrual cycle;

◉ provides you with recommendations of supporting products from the BARZA portfolio that can help you through each stage of a menstrual cycle;

◉ gives you the ability to set a preferred time for daily notifications;

Personalized Predictions

Calendar with Recommendations

Lunar Date Diary


The Barza app guides you through your menstrual cycle and shows you the hormonal changes that can affect your daily life.

Predisposition to certain conditions or symptoms differs from person to person and can be influenced by a combination of factors.

This app cannot diagnose, treat or substitute for contraception.

The Barza app is not a substitute for specialist medical advice.

The Barza app is a product offered by the Barza Test, the first pregnancy test in Romania, launched in 1995 and recommended by the Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

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