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Since 1995, when it brought the first pregnancy test to Romania, Barza has aimed to make a significant change in women's lives by helping them get quick and easy answers in the privacy of their own home in preparation for the next important stage in their lives.

Barza products

With an extensive product portfolio, Barza has evolved over the years to cover a wider range of reproductive and female health needs. Currently, Barza offers classic pregnancy tests, ultrasensitive pregnancy tests, pregnancy tests with week determination, blood pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, couple fertility tests, menopause tests, amniotest to determine amniotic fluid leakage, menstrual pain patches and baking soda intimate wipes.

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What does the Barza Test mean to you?

Camelia B.

And now I live the moment when I was holding the Barza test in my hands and I was trembling with happiness and fear at the same time, I was happy that God gave me this little angel and fear because I wanted to be a perfect mother.

Cătălina O.

After 5 years of trying, I saw a positive pregnancy test for the first time in my life, I had taken hundreds. For me the Barza tests are the coolest and most accurate. As hard as it is, fighting for this dream is worth every sacrifice, and the Stork is with us literally and figuratively.

Joan V.

Here comes Barza! Who was yelling and screaming all over the house? Me, me, me! I waited for my husband to come home, put the test in a watch box and gave it to him. Somehow he expected it, but when he saw it, he was in tears of joy.

Ramona G.

I was beginning to wonder how some people's accidents result in a child from the first intimate moment. That's how I discovered the Barza ovulation test and which days are best. Once I discovered this method everything went much more smoothly and the results were not long in coming.

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