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The BARZA application helps you recognize and understand the hormonal changes that take place during a menstrual cycle:

◉ gives you details about the states you can go through physically and emotionally and helps you with personalized advice;

◉ contains a detailed calendar with which you can monitor the evolution of the period of a menstrual cycle;

◉ gives you the opportunity to set the length of your menstrual cycle and shows you possible changes through which your body passes throughout your menstrual cycle;

◉ offers recommendations for BARZA products that can help you during each stage of a menstrual cycle;

◉ gives you the opportunity to set your preferred daily notification time;
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The Barza application guides you through your menstrual cycle and shows you the hormonal changes that can influence your everyday life.

The predisposition for certain states or symptoms varies depending on each individual and may be influenced by a cumulus of factors.

This application can not establish a diagnosis, treatment, or substitute for a contraceptive method.

The Barza application does not substitute for specialist medical advice.

The Barza application is a product offered by the Barza Test, the first pregnancy test in Romania, launched in 1995, recommended by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
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